Episode 43: Stay Mad with Rebecca Traister

This week Kate and Doree sit down with Rebecca Traister, author of the new book Good and Mad: The Revolutionary Power of Women’s Anger. They talk about living in a world that doesn’t respect women’s anger as serious and worthwhile, the ways in which we repress and express feelings, how to direct and use rage, the #MeToo Movement, and the importance of receiving and listening to the anger of other women.

Plus: Doree’s makes peace with her pregnancy sickness, Kate purges her products and streamlines her skincare routine (again), and they discuss what it would feel like to “spiral positively.” (Imagine it!)

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Mini-Episode 33: Finding Friends and Sephora Samples

On this week’s mini-episode Kate and Doree continue the conversation about friendship: feeling isolated from old friends, how to make new ones as an adult, and grieving friendships that end poorly. Plus they listen to a voicemail from a listener loving that Sephora Sample Life, and discuss what products they sampled and loved enough to purchase in a full size.

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Episode 41: Express Yourself with Jessica Hopper

This week Kate and Doree follow up on their own personal Gratitude Challenge, and share what’s bringing them joy in their own lives. Plus Kate commits to a month-long meal plan and reconnects with an old serum favorite, while Doree reveals what pregnancy-safe product she’s now using on her face at night.

Then they welcome Jessica Hopper, music critic and author of the new book Night Moves. She talks about the power of falling in love with a city, the nostalgia she feels for a pre-social media time, sobriety, her love of Mad Hippie Vitamin C Serum, and how speaking out helped her heal after an assault.

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Episode 40: What About Your Friends with Holly Burns

This week Kate and Doree tackle friendship, and discuss how to make friends as an adult, handle the way friendships grow and change over time, and the many ways they contribute to self-care (or occasionally, take away from it). Plus, Kate’s is organizing the products in her bathroom (again) and Doree details her first visit to the OBGYN. They also commit to a shared gratitude practice — but will it last?

Then they welcome Holly Burns, content strategist at Instagram and creator of the popular blog Nothing But Bonfires. Holly talks about being diagnosed with breast cancer just 5 months after giving birth to her second child, the self-care practices she implemented while going through chemo, surgery, and radiation, cold-cap therapy, and the healing power of super-soft cashmere socks.

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Mini-Episode 30: Emmys Glam and Wedding Stress

This week, Kate talks about some new makeup she discovered on her trip to the Emmy’s, a listener gives Doree a hot tip on how to get rid of KP, and the women get lots of voicemails with helpful recommendations for travelling with an array of skin products. Plus, they share some self-care advice for when you’re going through the stress of wedding planning.

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Mini-Episode 28: Long-lasting Eye Liner & YM Magazine

In this week’s episode, Kate and Doree find out the shocking truth behind YM’s confession column from listener’s with insider info. Then, they go into the hard choices that come with travelling with skincare products, recommendations for lasting tightline eyeliner, and the women get a quick tip on dealing with fitted bed sheets.

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Mini-Episode 26: Curing A Cold and Body Positivity

On this week’s mini-episode, Kate and Doree get straight to a listener’s fervent question – how do you do self-care when you’re sick? Then, the women talk about how long it takes to see if new skincare is working and keeping communication open when moving in with a partner for the first time. Also, a listener shares her newfound body acceptance and Kate reminds us that we are all super hot.

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