Mini-Episode 16: Q-Tip Tips and Dealing With Rejection

On this week’s mini-episode, Kate and Doree talk about their non-skincare daily routines and how great Q-tips feel (even though they know you’re not supposed to stick them in your ears.) Then, the women answer listener questions about what to do when you feel like your story has already been told and how to stay vulnerable when you’re faced with rejection and heartbreak.

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Mini-Episode 14: Jade Rollers and Work Friendships

Doree and Kate handle some life-changing listener questions in this weeks mini-episode. They're thrilled by an email about simple journaling techniques and recommend notebook options for lefties. Then, they answer a question about the changing nature of work friendships and debate the efficacy of jade rollers.

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Mini-Episode 13: Body Waxing and Perfume

It's all listener voicemails on this mini-episode. Kate and Doree give their tips for a successful and minimally awkward first time bikini wax. Then, the women talk all about their favorite perfumes and signature scents.

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Mini-Episode 12: Butt Seriously

Though Kate and Doree are NOT sponsored by "Big Bidet," they do answer a few listener questions about butt care in this week's mini-episode. Kate reveals her secret to getting rid of hemorrhoids, while Doree elaborates on post-bidet drying options. In non-butt news, the women are touched by a voicemail about a listener's mom getting inspired by the podcast to finally take time for self-care. 

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Mini-Episode 10: Periods and Pranks

This week, Kate and Doree talk about their husbands' reactions to their skin care routines and respond to a listener who's going through multiple life changes all at once. Then, they discuss period self-care and Kate almost gets fooled by an excellent voicemail prank.

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Amber's Candle Corner: Paddywax Library Collection

Whenever I’m on vacation, I spend at least 5% of my time perusing candles in cute shops of the towns I’m visiting. On one such trip, I came across Paddywax Library Candles and fell in love.

Now, I don’t remember the shop. I don’t remember where I was. I only vaguely recollect my husband being there. But I do remember the 30 vivid minutes of smelling the whole collection and trying to decide which candles I would buy.

After a fretful few moments, I decided on Charles Dickens and Ralph Waldo Emerson.

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Mini-Episode 9: Bidets and BFF Birthday Gifts

Kate and Doree get right to an email, where a listener asks for THE self care product to give a cherished friend on her 40th birthday. Then, the women talk about non-app dating tips and help a listener deal with anxiety and betrayal during her semester abroad. Lastly, they go into the ultimate form of self-care –  butt-care and bidets.

Plus: we're running a survey that will help guide upcoming content and guests! Please fill it out at

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Forever 35 Facebook Collection: The Best Serums and Sheet Masks from Target

Every other week, we round up some of the brilliant recommendations from the private Forever 35 Facebook group. Wanna join? Click here. Hint: The secret word is “serums.”

In addition to their charming home decor and exclusive Ben & Jerry’s flavors (it’s true!), Target also has an impressive collection of skincare. They’ve particularly upped their game lately when it comes to cruelty-free and natural products.

We’ve compiled ideas and recommendations from multiple posts from the Forever35 Facebook group and determined that these are the very best serums and sheet masks you can buy at Target right now.

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