Episode 76: Living in the Slog

Our very own Doree Shafrir returns from maternity leave and hops back in the podcasting saddle this week. Hurray! Doree discusses her last days of pregnancy, her experience with childbirth, and her new life as a mother. Kate recounts everything she did whilst Doree was away: working on her body image issues, digging into work, and of course — missing Doree. Plus, they both discover they've become vegetarian-curious (and shed some tears, too).

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Mini-Ep 61: Digging for Goals with Jackie Johnson

Natch Beaut host Jackie Johnson joins Kate on this week’s mini-episode! They lend advice to a woman who’s not feeling appreciated by her family, discuss their favorite cheap eyeshadow brushes, and reminisce about past beauty mistakes. Plus, Kate responds to listeners who wrote in after a past mini-episode discussion about an unwanted third pregnancy, and shares exciting news from a listener featured on a previous episode.

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