Kate Spencer and Doree Shafrir aren’t experts. They’re just two friends who like to talk a lot about serums on Forever35, the podcast that NYLON has called “a whole community of women's love for serums, for self-care, for themselves, and for each other.”  Forever35 is entirely independent — we plan the show, book the guests, run the social media accounts, admin the Facebook group, and sell the ads, in addition to hosting the podcast. (Our producer Samee Junio records and edits each episode.) We’re hiring a part-time assistant to support us and help us expand and grow.


This is our first hire since launching the podcast, so it will necessarily be defined in part by how our needs evolve. But the responsibilities will definitely include:

  • Writing show notes and publishing our two weekly episodes (one mini-episode and one full-length episode) on Art19 (our server) and Squarespace (our website), including compiling lists of products and other items we mention on the show

  • Coming to podcast recordings and taking notes

  • Writing ad scripts based on talking points provided by advertisers

  • Keeping track of ads sold and invoicing advertisers

  • Booking guests and scheduling studio space

  • Responding to listener feedback and choosing which listener emails and voicemails to read/air on the show

  • Assisting with monthly newsletter production

  • Pitching us ideas for additional website and podcast content

  • Pitching us to other podcasts as guests

  • Other administrative tasks as needed


You should be familiar with our show, the guests we’ve had on, and the topics we’ve covered. Experience working for a podcast or in audio isn’t required, but you should love the medium and be excited about working in it. Although much of the work will be remote and on your own time, we would ideally like someone Los Angeles-based so that you can come to daytime recordings and in-person meetings in Burbank and Hollywood. And it would be great (though not required) to find someone who is already familiar with GSuite and Squarespace. People of all genders, ages, and backgrounds are encouraged to apply.


This is a part-time position that starts at $20/hour, and we envision that it will require somewhere between 15-20 hours per week, mostly on your own schedule. As the podcast and the community grow, we anticipate that the scope of this job (and the pay and the hours) will grow as well. We ask that you only apply if you can commit to working for us for at least six months.


Send us your resume and an email that explains why you’re the best person for the job, and what your favorite episode of Forever35 is. Please include links to your Instagram and Twitter accounts, as well as links to any writing samples you think are relevant. (Blogs, Tumblrs, etc. are fine.) Send everything to with the subject line ASSISTANT JOB.