Mini-Episode 8: Travel Skincare and Party Snacks

In this mini-episode, Kate and Doree hear about a listener's experience with OCD and anxiety, give advice on the best way to travel with your skincare routine, and talk about the best snack setup for a party. Then, the women find out how one listener accidentally recruited new Forever35 fans in the middle of an important work meeting.

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Mini-Episode 3: Beauty Boxes and Laser Hair Removal

On their latest mini-episode, Kate and Doree debate the merits of beauty subscription boxes — are they fun surprises to get in the mail, or do they just leave you with lots of clutter? They also give advice to a 23-year-old who's wondering whether she should add a retinol to her skincare routine, and Doree discusses her experience with laser hair removal (she is unequivocally pro).  Also, this is the essay that Doree mentioned on this episode.

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