Amber's Candle Corner: Spireside - Smell Disney All Day

I’m a Disney person, i.e., a grown adult who happily goes to Disneyland sans children. Do I sing Disney songs to myself all the time? Yes. But I’ve evolved from “Part of Your World” to “Poor Unfortunate Souls,” so I’m showing signs of growth.

Previously, my Disney love didn’t go past visiting the parks and rewatching the opening on Beauty and the Beast on a loop. I never thought “Oh, if only my apartment could smell like ‘It’s a Small World’ water, churros, and waiting in line.” But when I saw that Spireside made Disney Parks themed candles, it was as if my heart had made a wish and that secret dream came true. In less lyrical words - I wanted to buy all of their candles.

In the past year and a half, I’ve sampled quite a bit of their inventory and want to share my very favorites with you (and a couple to possibly avoid).

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