Forever 35 Facebook Collection: The Best Serums and Sheet Masks from Target

Every other week, we round up some of the brilliant recommendations from the Forever 35 Facebook group. Wanna join? Click here. Hint: The secret word is “serums.”

In addition to their charming home decor and exclusive Ben & Jerry’s flavors (it’s true!), Target also has an impressive collection of skincare. They’ve particularly upped their game lately when it comes to cruelty-free and natural products. We’ve compiled the top recommendations from the Forever35 Facebook group -- read on for our must-have serums and face masks that you can grab at Target.

Mentioned multiple times on the podcast, this 5% glycolic acid tonic is cruelty and paraben-free and great for nearly all skin types. Most people absolutely love Pixi Glow, though a couple complained that it might be a little much for very sensitive skin. It may tingle a bit, especially on the first use, but that quickly goes away and you’re left with some impressively glowy skin.

Acure is a listener fave, and this soothing serum is an easy and affordable Target pick up. It’s full of proteins, vitamin E, and works well for dry skin.

Want avocado, turmeric, and coffee on your face? This serum has pretty much every skin superfood in one package. Also: cruelty and paraben free! Facebook members love this natural product.

Mizon is a huge winner for our listeners. Their hydrating snail cream was recommended numerous times and their face mask selection is just as delightful. Target has five Mizon mask options and this one got a few special mentions in the Forever35 group.

Though Target sells numerous Pacifica masks, the Stress Rehab facial mask was specifically called out for its pleasant feeling and skin tightening effects. Plus, it’s paraben, aluminum, and sulfate free. One member found this mask to be a little much for sensitive skin, but there’s overwhelming positive vibes for all products Pacifica.

I think it’s safe to say these are the cutest face masks around, and the Facebook group loves the silly fun of hydrating your skin while also looking the adorable animal of your choice. If you aren’t enamored with this puppy version, you could get the panda, tiger, cat, or monkey mask.


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