Amber's Candle Corner: Spireside - Smell Disney All Day

- by Amber Petty

Yes, I’m a Disney person; a grown adult who happily goes to Disneyland sans children. Do I sing Disney songs to myself all the time? Of course. But I’ve evolved from “Part of Your World” to “Poor Unfortunate Souls,” so I’m showing signs of growth.

Previously, my Disney love didn’t go past visiting the parks and rewatching the opening on Beauty and the Beast on a loop. I never thought to myself, “Oh, if only my apartment could smell like ‘It’s a Small World’ water, churros, and waiting in line.” But when I saw that Spireside made Disney Parks themed candles, it was as if my heart had made a wish and that secret dream came true. In less lyrical words - I want to buy all of their candles.

In the past year and a half, I’ve sampled quite a bit of their inventory and want to share my very favorites with you (and a couple to possibly avoid).

Pineapple Delight 5/5

pineapple delight.jpg

Originally, this was called “Pineapple Whip” as a nod to the beloved Disney treat - the Dole Whip (a non-dairy pineapple soft serve). Since Disney isn’t afraid of serving up a lawsuit (like when they sued a daycare to take down their Mickey Mouse murals), Spireside presumably went for more ambiguous names to avoid trouble.

This is my favorite candle for the summer, my favorite Spireside candle, and the best pineapple scent I’ve ever encountered.

And pineapple’s not easy. Usually, you get a weird soapy smelling thing that’s vaguely “tropical” or a bunch of coconut smell masquerading as pina colada.  But this is straight up pineapple, and it is a joy.

The scent fills the room without overwhelming it, and has the perfect balance of sweet and citrus. Not fake, not cloying, just the perfect amount of pineapple.

Now, does it smell like a Dole Whip? Not really. But that’s okay! This candle is the spirit and essence of the Dole Whip. Just like the Dole Whip gives you pure pineapple flavor, this candle serves you unadulterated pineapple delight.

Sunshine Groves 4/5


Originally, this candle was inspired by the “Soarin’ Over California” ride, where visitors would be spritzed with orange and pine scented spray as they took an aerial ride over the Golden State. But that ride is now “Soarin’ Over the World” and the orange/pine scent is gone.

But it lives on in candle form! Sunshine Groves has a super subtle hint of pine, leaving the sweet orange scent to shine. 

Honestly, the scent kind of reminds me of frozen OJ concentrate with sugar on top. Which was a something I used to eat. Oh, the creativity of college desserts! Anyway, it’s rare to find a candle with such a sweet, concentrated orange scent and I love it.

Word of warning: This one is a little strong. So, if you tend to be sensitive, this may not be for you.

Fairest Orchard 4/5

fairest orchard.jpg

Living in Los Angeles, I rotate my candles to match the seasons. That way, it feels as if I’ve actually experienced seasonal change despite the constant sunshine and drought. (And yes, I’m a very fun person.)

I bring this up, because Fairest Orchard (inspired by Snow White) is great for changing seasons. The apple works with winter, while the berries and light citrus bring to mind the first buds of spring. The scent is so fresh, you can burn it all the way into June and it still feels right.

Or burn it all the time. You don’t need to be a seasonal weirdo like me.

Ghostly Castle 3/5

ghostly castle.jpg

Inspired by the Haunted Mansion, this is an acquired taste. The smell is musty, old, and slightly smokey. But I really like it.

Somehow, it does capture an essence of the Haunted Mansion with a splash of Pirates of the Caribbean water thrown in.

I give it only 3/5 stars because I don’t think a candle that smells like old haunted books is for everybody, but if you’re a huge Haunted Mansion fan, it’s worth a try.


I did not love Enchanted Library (inspired by Beauty and the Beast) and Scorched Parchment (based on a part of the Spaceship Earth ride).

Enchanted Library has a mix of fake smelling roses and old books that I found fairly off putting (and very strong). And though I love smokey scents, Scorched Parchment smelled a little like an electrical fire.

Despite the few misses, I’m a big fan of Spireside Candles and I’ll surely try more in the future.

Overall Rating: Light My Candle 4/5



Much like Rent, the candles are great on their own, full of nostalgia, but not without their problems.