Mini-Ep 43: Solo Travel And Bridal Parties

On this week’s mini-episode, Doree and Kate share a listener email about putting together a long-reads article club, and answer a question regarding the necessity of bridal parties. Plus, they hear from a listener in Paris whose break up (and encouragement from the Forever35 Facebook group) led her to take a solo trip abroad, and get a tip about healing c-section scars.

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Episode 47: Gratefully Yours with Emily McDowell

It’s Thanksgiving time in the States, and Kate and Doree dig deeper into the things they’re grateful for this year (hint: Forever35 listeners!). Plus Kate tries to find calm during a health scare and Doree gets very into her bathtub.

Then they sit down with illustrator and author extraordinaire Emily McDowell (Emily McDowell Studio), who discusses her journey from creating greeting cards in her home to running her own business, getting in touch with her spirituality, dealing with perimenopause, and how her life improved after taking a vacation without checking email.

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