Episode 47: Gratefully Yours with Emily McDowell

It’s Thanksgiving time in the States, and Kate and Doree dig deeper into the things they’re grateful for this year (hint: Forever35 listeners!). Plus Kate tries to find calm during a health scare and Doree gets very into her bathtub.

Then they sit down with illustrator and author extraordinaire Emily McDowell (Emily McDowell Studio), who discusses her journey from creating greeting cards in her home to running her own business, getting in touch with her spirituality, dealing with perimenopause, and how her life improved after taking a vacation without checking email.

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Mini-Episode 35: Serum Secrets with Jasmine Guillory

This week Kate and Doree welcome their first guest to the mini-episode world! Jasmine Guillory — lawyer, author of the new book The Proposal, and past Forever35 guest — is back to help answer listener questions about making time for baths, the importance of sunscreening your hands, and growing pains in a friendship. Plus, Jasmine discusses her year-long yoga challenge, daily bath rituals, and how she lets go of guilt.

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Episode 43: Stay Mad with Rebecca Traister

This week Kate and Doree sit down with Rebecca Traister, author of the new book Good and Mad: The Revolutionary Power of Women’s Anger. They talk about living in a world that doesn’t respect women’s anger as serious and worthwhile, the ways in which we repress and express feelings, how to direct and use rage, the #MeToo Movement, and the importance of receiving and listening to the anger of other women.

Plus: Doree’s makes peace with her pregnancy sickness, Kate purges her products and streamlines her skincare routine (again), and they discuss what it would feel like to “spiral positively.” (Imagine it!)

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